take measures to finger rings

We really believe in the system that we created: a Customer KIT + real fit stated on the website.
Many have the problem of “how to measure the finger” in a correct and easy way, so as Not to make mistakes or mistake as little as possible the Size of a Ring, Wedding Ring or Band Ring.
Indeed, it is among the most delicate and “difficult” things to do... but Not much.
The main difference is whether to choose to.
  • Use professional-derived tools or "home” methods.
  • follow “anonymous” tips or tips from “people who are improving” or follow the advice of professionals who every day are in contact with customers to solve problems and give assistance, with decades of experience?.
If you want something professional, reliable and simple to apply, the following information will come in handy, if instead you want or you are looking for an “anonymous home” method, maybe you are in the wrong website.

Alternative systems - how to take the size of your finger yourself at home

The Web is full of directions and suggestions, sometimes even “funny” and useful on how you can measure a finger to determine the correct Size for your Ring, Wedding Ring, or Band Ring.
  • 1 - Sheet of paper, with printed circles, on which to place a ring in your possession, so as to eyeball the size.
  • 2 - Cut a strip of paper wide about 5, 10 mm and long between 10, 15 cm, to wrap it around your finger, mark with a pencil or pen the exact length, then once unrolled and placed on a flat surface, measure with a ruler; in the same way some suggest using a piece of twine or something similar, but it is surely one of the least reliable and accurate methods.
  • 3 - With a Ring as a sample, measure the inside diameter with a ruler, or better with a gauge, checking on the conversion table what is the right size.
  • 4 - Plastic / rubber ties with printed measuring scales; slipped on the desired finger and tightened to determine the size or circumference, on the printed scale it gives the Size or circumference.
  • 5 - Other imaginative and alternative methods (soft meter, gauge, metal hose clamp, wire, etc.).various ways to find the extent of finger
There are probably and surely others, but all with the same problem:
High inaccuracy of the measurement, which applied to the various shapes and thickness of the different Rings, increases exponentially the mistake in the size of your Ring, Wedding Ring or Band Ring.
Often, other problems are Not considered:
  • Shape and structure of the hand itself.
  • The adherence of the Ring, Wedding Ring or Band Ring, can change according to whether the finger is bony, normal, fleshy.
  • Problem of swelling that occurs throughout the day and the seasons, that causes us to have a Ring, in certain moments Tighter or Larger.
  • Fingers in the Right hand different from those of the Left hand.
Please Note: Those who have a fleshy finger, will have to measure the part of the finger where the ring will be positioned (as that is the widest part), and not the Knuckle.
Please Note: Those who have the problem of a large Knuckle, have a difference between Diameter and size, between the size of the knuckle and the size of the finger, around which the Ring will position itself. These people “unfortunately” will always have a problem with wearing a Ring, it will not be still and turn.
Last, but not for importance, the shape, width, structure and linearity, fills or flushes inside the Ring, can affect the size and perfect fit to the Finger.
comparison forms donning ringsFor all these reasons, you will understand that many if not all house or fantasy methods, feature great problems when it comes to Great accuracy and reliability.
Take for example the Rings, I photographed there, are all a size Finger No. 13, who will have a finger in No. 13 if you try us, will differ substantially, which can correspond to differences of 2, 3 numbers.
For all these reasons, we know that many, if not all the fancy methods or home, have the problems of accuracy and reliability Relevant.

We have made a radical and precise choice:

  • Based on professional tools (certified ISO 8653), I have created a Customer KIT, in which we provide a range of quality tools, perfect to help and solve this and other problems.
  • We have not just provided the right tools, we have worked to create a System with the lowest margin for Error possible.
  • We have “deliberately modified” in some cases, the measurements provided in the product sheet.
Why ?
The explanation is as easy as the reasons are complex:
Very tight or Very large Rings, can have a Significant difference in fit compared to the size measured with the tools, moreover, even the possible Non-standard symmetry might influence, etc.
A practical example: measure your finger with the tools, it turns out to be a measure No. 13, so you look for, Rings, Wedding Rings or Band rings, in this size, but if your choice falls on a model that has one or more of the variables.
The system that we have devised, Customer KIT + the actual fit size reported on our website, will cause you to reduce or eliminate significant errors in the choice of the Size of the Rings, Wedding Rings or Band rings, you purchase on our website.

The method that we propose to take the measurement on the finger, is it a "perfect" system?

Probably not, but definitely the best you can have available at home.
One could be lucky enough to have a ring, measure it, and order a Ring, Wedding Ring or Band Ring with the same number, great, you will think that Errors Cannot occur; you need to still keep in mind the variables explained above (width, symmetry, thickness, flushes, etc.).


kit client rensi jewelry webWhat is the best way to Measure a Finger in the comfort of your own home?

Use our Customer KIT, with a few simple guidelines:
  • Try with the sample Ring Set until you find the right circle for the selected Finger.
  • Try the circle chosen from the sample Ring Set several times, at different times and on different days.
  • Once decided what is the right circle from the sample Ring Set,  slip it on the Gauge and check the exact measurement .
  • Visit our E-commerce, buy with peace of mind and ease from our website, remembering that we point out the real fit Measurements, also providing an Easy Return Service, Fast and Free; for more details see: Buyer's guide – Shipping Times and Costs - Returns and Refunds.
The same system created for Rings, using the Customer KIT (provided free with the 1st purchase), we have applied it to all those objects that may present similar measurement problems, e.g.:
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces
  • Other ...
As always we are available for further clarification or support / updates.