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Calvin Klein watches

Calvin Klein watches are continually renewed following the fashions of the moment, the American designer always maintains a simple and minimalist design, manages to create dozens and dozens of models that meet the tastes of a wide audience. Many Calvin Klein watches are produced using almost exclusively 316L stainless steel, with steel, leather, rubber straps.

Calvin Klein creates fashionable watches, with the use of alternative finishes and materials, obtaining models embellished and made more particular, thanks also to finishes with PVD treatments in Yellow Gold, Rosé Gold, Black. For some prestigious versions, we find Calvin watches Klein for women who use Diamonds set in the steel of the cases or inserted in the indexes of the dials. The choice of using the PVD treatment rests on the considerable resistance to wear and tear, which this type of treatment has compared to other more traditional and conventional ones. The first collections of Calvin Klein watches presented a geometric design with essential and linear shapes, over time these shapes have evolved through a refined and innovative design, transforming into rounded, fluid and sensual lines. The collaboration between the Calvin Klein brand and the Swatch Group has allowed the creation of a multitude of collections of Calvin Klein and CK watches, which guarantees a Swiss Made quality and production standard, at a commercial and contained price.

RensiWeb has been following this watchmaking fashion brand for many years, having favored it over other Brands, as in addition to being a fashion watch, it has a good construction quality and high quality materials, compared to its direct rivals. In our physical Store, as in our Ecommerce, you can find at discounted prices, a huge selection and availability of Calvin Klein watches, all new and original 100% Guaranteed, being in fact the Official Dealer and Distributor recognized by the Swatch Group.

Calvin Klein watch collections

The design of Calvin Klein watches has been characterized by creations of Design watches directly linked to Fashion, often accompanied by comfortable wearability, something that few fashion watch brands have managed to achieve with style and taste, all this while maintaining and guaranteeing a Swiss Made production and quality. Some of the well-known collections of Calvin Klein watches for women and men, among the best known over time, such as: Dress, Bold, City, Class, Formality, Infinite, Logo, Minimal, Time, etc., have left their mark; to date many of these, still present after some restyling, among the various collections of watches that change cyclically. Each year these watch collections continue to evolve, creating ever-renewed and fashionable design watches, respecting the soul and style of the American brand Calvin Klein.

Thanks to the quality and successful design, constant over time, RensiWeb wanted to follow this brand of fashionable watches, offering its customers a vast assortment of models and variants, wanting to offer its customers additional services, in fact, thanks to the support Internal technician we give the possibility to receive the watches (with steel strap) purchased at our Ecommerce, with the right size of the wrist, making Express deliveries all over the world.

Features of Calvin Klein watches

The production of Calvin Klein watches uses quality materials, such as hypoallergenic 316L stainless steel, mineral crystal glass, quartz or automatic mechanical movements, all strictly Swiss Made quality.
In some Calvin Klein watch collections, such as: Time, Supreme, Simplicity, Alliance, Infinite, etc., synthetic Sapphire glasses have been used, a material known as the best and most resistant in the production of watch glasses.
Calvin Klein watches generally have a 3 Bar (30 m.) Water resistance (Water Resitant), some models even guarantee 5 Bar (50 m.).

It becomes complex to regularly and accurately indicate the prices or price ranges of Calvin Klein watches for women and men, as the collections undergo continuous updates and changes; Suffice it to say that generally all the Calvin Klein women’s and men’s watch collections with quartz movement have average indicative prices starting from around € 150,00 up to around € 370,00. Calvin Klein men’s watches with Automatic Mechanical movement have prices starting from around € 400,00 up to around € 550,00. Some exceptions may be present for women’s Calvin Klein watches that feature variants with Diamonds set, or Limited Edition watches.

  • Addict Collection: modern and linear design with slot / opening in the upper part, clock with Rigid structure.
  • Alliance Collection: casual and sporty style watches with worked bezel, which recalls a more traditional design.
  • Authentic Collection: exclusively feminine style, small watches with minimalist design, strap variants: semi-rigid or softer in steel fabric (Milan mesh).
  • Body Collection: fashion model for women looking for fashion watches with a particular design that stands out easily, its half moons that make up the bracelet make it essential, exclusive and light.
  • Bold Collection: among the most successful series for collections dedicated to men’s watches, simple, compact design, with the characteristic of leather straps that perfectly interact with the curvature of the case.
  • Classic Collection: watch suitable for all ages, young and old, classic style with a very simple and clean design, with clearly visible numbers or indexes, in women’s, unisex and men’s sizes.
  • City Collection: perhaps the best known as a classic Calvin Klein watch revised in a modern version, simple and particular design at the same time, version for men and women, it stands out from other collections for the crystal glass that has a slanted cut on the outside.
  • Color Collection: youthful and colorful line of watches, much appreciated for its low weight, thanks to the aluminum case and soft silicone rubber straps, many variants with particular and appreciable color combinations.
  • Dainty Collection: dedicated to women, thanks to the particular design of its bracelet, with step openings, this watch allows a comfortable wearability due to its low weight.
  • Drift Collection: model of the Faschion watch category, with a semi-rigid structure, and a particular design that plays with full and open parts of the bracelet, accompanied by the print of the dial that incorporates the particular processing of the strap.
  • Even Collection: watches with an essential design that stands out for the particular attack of the case that joins the leather strap, and an unprecedented dial with a series of irregular vertical lines.
  • Formality Collection: watches that could be considered intermediate between the City series and the Classic series, as it incorporates the size of the first and a more traditional design, similar but not equal to the second.
  • Infinite Collection: a perfectly casual watch, neither classic nor sporty, average size, it has similarities to the Time series, it is distinguished by the dial that has a double border in the color.
  • Light Collection: women’s watches with a rigid structure, which feature a rigid and thin steel bracelet that ends in a teardrop shape, almost seems to incorporate the watch case as if it were suspended.
  • Lively collection: women’s watches of the Faschion type, with a soft, thin mesh steel strap that has a slight scaling towards the case.
  • Minimal Collection: the Clavin Klein watch could be considered a must par excellence, not only because it represents the essence and simplicity of the design of the US designer, but because it turns out to be one of the longest-lived collections that over time has always been renewed through small and essential design tweaks, making it more modern, but never different.
  • Rise Collection: series of watches dedicated to women, simple and essential cases, thin and smooth leather straps, dials that have a decoration of horizontal lines in one half, which seem to recall the horizon in the desert.
  • Round Collection: the name itself embodies the essence of this series of women’s watches, with a semi-rigid structure in Steel and a design based on the use and play of circles.
  • Snake Collection: fully represented in the name, thanks to the bracelet of the watch, which presents a particular design of removable links from a rhombus shape.
  • Stately Collection: watches similar to the Dainty series, but with more regular and less angular shapes, a series of open-shaped links, which make up the bracelet, giving it a low weight and a particular and modern design.
  • Step Collection: casual watches, for men and women, with a decidedly more structured and consistent steel structure, graduated bracelet perfectly integrated into the case.
  • Supreme collection: women’s watches, in two different sizes, style between the Faschion and the elegant, scalar strap with mirror-polished rectangular mirrors, bright and modern.
  • Time Collection: very simple casual watches, they are close to the Infinite series, but are a little simpler and more essential in design.

A brief history of Calvin Klein watches

In 1968 the first line of jewels was born and 1997 began the historic collaboration between Calvin Klein and Swatch Group which gives “light” to CK Watch, a brand for the production and distribution of Swiss Made watches with a refined and essential design typical of the Calvin Klein brand. Since then, many watch collections have followed one another in the years, thanks to the close collaboration between the two Groups, we have witnessed the birth of some series of Calvin Klein watches that have remained in the history of fashion watchmaking, often recognized as a reference point in the market. , in that historical moment, creating references in fashion watchmaking. The collaboration with Swatch Group has made it possible to obtain a high and branched diffusion worldwide, being present in shops in over 60 countries and many jewelers.

How to buy a Calvin Klein watch on RensiWeb

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