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Daniel Wellington watches

Daniel Wellington watches are classic, casual, simple, it would be fair to say that they have a design suitable for any moment and event of your days, work, fun, holidays.

RensiWeb offers a vast assortment at discounted prices, of Daniel Wellington watches, all original and 100% new, as official distributor we will deliver your watch complete with original, official case and warranty.

The easy and very simple design of these watches has made them successful in recent years, becoming the fashion watch of the moment, much in demand by children but also by adults.

Daniel Wellington watches few models, offered in 6 case sizes, but available in dozens of different variants.

All Daniel Wellington watches have the possibility of having an interchangeable strap, thus giving the customer the possibility to change the look of their watch, in a very simple and easy way. In fact, anyone without problems can alone a NATO, Leather or Metal Canvas strap in their Daniel Wellington watches.

RensiWeb has chosen to offer Daniel Wellington watches, compared to other similar ones, because it is the brand that has been able to innovate and rework the classic watch in a modern version, while maintaining a good quality on the materials. The watches are produced in Stainless Steel, with Japanese Quartz movement, Crystal glass, Water Resistant 3 Bar (… not recommended for use in water), with a 24-month warranty.

Thanks to Daniel Wellington, straps in NATO, a very resistant synthetic fabric, invented and used in the twentieth century for other purposes, have been re-proposed in a revised and modern version. Daniel Wellington in creating his timeless design watches, had the brilliant idea of ​​re-visiting this material, using various color combinations, making it trendy and fashionable. The NATO strap of Daniel Wellington watches is so simple to change that really anyone can do it in a few seconds, thus giving the possibility, if desired, to have a different strap for each day of the week, or to change it according to events.

You want a more classic Daniel Wellington watch, you mount a leather strap, you want it more youthful and cheerful, you mount a colorful, more elegant NATO strap, then you can opt for the Steel Fabric strap.

Daniel Wellington watch collections

Daniel Wellington watches for men and women are divided into 2 primary collections: Classic and Dapper.

The Classic collection is certainly the best known and most established, it is the easiest design one with a thin, very essential case, Index wand on the dials.

The Classic collection of Daniel Wellington women’s watches is called Classic Petite, available in 2 case sizes, 28mm and 32mm. Within the Classic Petite collection, there are different variants of case color, strap, dial color. The cases are in Stainless Steel or Rose Stainless Steel. The dials are white or black. The straps are in stainless steel, rose stainless steel, black stainless steel, NATO fabric, vintage leather (leather worked in such a way that it looks used, worn).

Depending on the dial, strap and case, they take the additional collection name such as: Bondi, Melrose, Sterling, Ashfield, Cornwall, Bristol, Durham, Reading, Sheffield, St. Mawes, York, etc.

Then you will see divisions such as Daniel Wellington Classic Petite Bondi, Classic Petite Melrose, Classic PetiteSterling, etc.

The Classic collection of Daniel Wellington men’s watches is simply called Classic, available in 2 case sizes, 36 mm and 40 mm. The variated and varibles are similar to those of Daniel Wellington Classic Petite watches, so depending on the variants, we will see: Daniel Wellington Classic Warwick, Classic Winchester, Classic Canterbury watches, etc.

Daniel Wellington women’s watches have variable prices, depending on the selected configuration, ranging from around € 99.00 to € 159.00.

The Classic collection of Daniel Wellington men’s watches, with Black dial, take the attribute of Classic Black, therefore the whole collection of Daniel Wellington Classic Black watches, will be men’s watches based on the Black dial. Obviously there will be “the usual” variants that we know well by now.

Daniel Wellington men’s watches have variable prices, depending on the selected configuration, ranging from around € 139.00 to € 189.00.

It should be noted that in fact, on the market and on sales, Daniel Wellington watches with a case size of 36 mm are considered and sold as Unisex, as it is a measure that can be used by men, as well as women, indifferently.

The second primary collection is the Dapper. This is the most traditional and classic collection of Daniel Wellington watches, the shape of the case and in general design recalls the memory of similar watches seen in the past, but they are always re-visited in a modern way, even if less extreme than the Classic collection. . The Daniel Wellington Dapper watch collection is produced with cases of 34 mm and 38 mm in size, white dials and black printed Roman numerals, made of stainless steel and rose stainless steel, with the sole use of straps in Leather of various shades.

The Daniel Wellington Dapper watch collection has prices ranging from around € 159.00 to € 179.00.

RensiWeb, offers at reduced prices and Free Shipping, most of all the Daniel Wellington watch collections for women, men and unisex, offering only products that are really available and ready for delivery for sale and available on its E-commerce.

How to buy a Daniel Wellington watch on RensiWeb

Buying Daniel Wellington watches on RensiWeb E-commerce is very simple, go to the Watches category, you can scroll through the pages of the various models, or if you wish you can simply use the “Search” which is always located at the top right. In the Watches Category, you can still use our handy Filter (on the left of the page) with which you can easily select the desired characteristics, including the diameter of the case and its finishes.

All Daniel Wellington watches sold on RensiWeb are 100% New and Original, we are recognized Official Dealers.

For any doubt or uncertainty we are available with our Customer Support. You may find our How to Adjust a Watch Guide useful.