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natural diamond certificate gemologicalWe dedicate an analysis and brief guide on natural Diamonds and the various most common and known precious Gemstones since the topic, in general, would require to be extensive in pages of descriptions and explanations, as the subject is very vast and far more complex than what is commonly known.

On this page of RensiWeb, you will generally find on sale only natural sealed and certified Diamonds, you can rarely see or find precious gems of another kind, as the classification and other series of parameters are not standardised and well defined at an international level, therefore commercially it is easier and more convenient to use this method with natural Diamonds. You will notice that the certification bodies that accompany the Diamonds for sale are few and well selected, as there are dozens in the market, but the really Reliable ones are few, RensiWeb has chosen to treat natural Diamonds only and exclusively by selecting among some best and most accredited International and National Certification Institutes.
Someone could raise the question: which criterion did RensiWeb use to select the Certification bodies? Our experience as specialised jewellers, which boasts over 50 years of experience, has led us to get to know the market and its various peculiarities well, but this is no longer sufficient, a serious jeweller can no longer base his judgement only on experience, the sector of precious gems has had, in the last 10, 20 years, a technical “revolution” such that, only with adequate and professional training, and continuous updates can we judge and evaluate correctly.

RensiWeb has within its structure 2 Gemmologists, GIA and IGI graduates, for which it is able to evaluate and have such knowledge, on diamonds and precious gemstones, to be able to make choices on the quality and reliability of the most “appropriate” Certifications.

natural diamond forms type cuttingWe have selected for the most “commercial” price ranges, Natural Diamonds of the Recarlo brand, a well-known manufacturer of Made in Italy jewellery, in Gold and Diamonds, which has created a commercial line of Certified Natural Diamonds, accompanied by a highly appreciated packaging, suitable to the gift and events like Baptisms, Communions, Confirmations, etc. The peace of mind from buying Recarlo Diamonds is given by the importance of the Italian Brand, known for its seriousness and reliability, but also by the Certification Center Gemmological Analysis of Valenza (AL), known in the sector for its seriousness and professional skills. In the package of Recarlo Diamonds, there is the possibility of creating a short dedication. RensiWeb provides the possibility of applying a small plate (with a brief inscription) which, upon customer’s request, will be supplied including its engraving completely free of charge.

For Diamonds of major commercial importance, we offer our customers a selection of the best and most reliable certification bodies, natural Diamonds with IGI, GIA, AGS, Gemmological Analysis Center of Valenza (AL). Only then can we guarantee the purchase of a natural Diamond or precious Gem in complete serenity and security, because often, in addition to commercial value, we also have a very strong sentimental value connected to the Gemstone received as a gift because it is often donated as a gift very special and important. The Documentation accompanying the natural Diamond is often depicted as the “Identity Card” of the Gemstone, meaning, that we will have a Documentation with a precise and detailed description of all the characteristics of the Gemstone, as it is not a simple document, but a Gemmological Certificate!. Except for special occasions or exceptions, we like to offer natural Diamonds, with shades of white ranging from G to D Colors, internal Clarity that varies from SI to IF, proportions and finishes that start from Very Good, Fluorescence null or low. Every individual Certificate and Blister that accompanies the Gem, have each of these primary characteristics together with others marked, so you will receive with your purchase on RensiWeb, a beautiful natural Diamond combined with the Documentation that will guarantee its genuineness and characteristics.

RensiWeb could easily, without any problem, have a personal line of certified natural diamonds, we wanted to make a clear and precise professional and commercial choice, in selling natural Diamonds certified only by very reliable third parties (IGI, GIA, AGS, etc.), which have nothing to do with our potential commercial interests. All this to give the utmost security, peace of mind and reliability to the customer, who can purchase a natural Diamond on RensiWeb with “blind trust”.
If you want more information to better understand the characteristics of a Diamond, you might be interested in the Article and Guide created in our Insights: Guide to Diamonds – Everything you need to know.

diamond igi certificate gemologicaldiamond gia certificate gemological

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