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Damiani watches

Damiani Jewellery, a company originally from Valenza (Alessandria – Italy), was founded in 1924, it is one of the best-known and best-known realities of fine jewellery worldwide. The protagonist in high-level jewellery, it has always known how to stand out for its design and the known high-quality of its Made in Italy jewels. Some years ago, Damiani Jewellery began to introduce a series of watches with exclusive designs in some of its collections, which could be the perfect match to its jewellery. Products with Swiss quality standards and Made in Italy design, Damiani watches know how to stand out from many other watch brands, since their watches are not simply watches, but rather jewel-watches. In fact, Damiani watches unequivocally replicate in Design and their refined style of some of its famous Jewellery Collections.
The Damiani Jewellery Brand reached the headlines as a point of reference for high-end Made in Italy jewellery worldwide, has been able to skillfully insert some series of watches with exclusive and precious lines in its collections. All Damiani watches are the result of a deep study of design derived from the passion for high-level jewellery, as per the tradition of this prestigious brand, the materials, finishes and assembly of Damiani watches are of high-quality, like some Brands of watchmaking emblazoned.
Damiani Jewellery has created above all ladies watches, as women first expressed the desire to also have jewel-watches and not just watches, which could match and integrate perfectly and stylishly with their splendid Damiani jewels.
In some cases, we can also find men’s watches created by Damiani, such as in the Evo collection, with a simpler and more neutral design plus an elegant-casual style.

RensiWeb, proposes selected models of some collections, for the most demanding public looking for something exclusive and precious.

D.Side watch collection

damiani woman watch d side

Women’s watches with a stainless steel casing with diamonds, sapphire crystal and a leather watchstrap in pastel colours. With a round-shaped casing with a diameter of 27.5 mm and a thickness of 6.5 mm, it is simple and linear, the perfect match with Damiani Jewellery from the D.Side collection.

Belle Epoque Collection

damiani woman watch bella epoque

Damiani Bella Epoque women’s watches, have Hi-Tech White or Black Ceramic casings, with a Gold bezel and natural Gemstones such as Black and White Diamonds, Rubies, Sapphires. There is also a particular a movable “knight”, on which a Gem is set, which can be positioned as desired. The watchstrap can be in Leather and Fabric, Leather, Hi-Tech Ceramic in the same colour as the casing.

Evo watch collection

This is one of the first collections introduced by Damiani, with a more neutral design, suitable for women and men, a simple yet unmistakable style that will be noticed with sobriety and elegance.

Eden watch collections, Damianissima watches, Notte di San Lorenzo (Night of Saint Lawrence) watches

These collections are top-of-the-range, with variants in Gold and Diamonds pavé, with values of even tens of thousands of Euro, very elegant and luxurious, dedicated to an audience that seeks the maximum from a jewel-watch, unmistakable and unique as high-end Damiani jewellery.

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