We do a lot to ensure your safety.

Rensi gioielli s.r.l. cares about the safety of your data. We entrusted PAYPAL or other Banking institutions with the managing of on-line payments, as these are recognized as the most secure and reliable systems for receiving payments in regards to your protection and the management of payment data.
We use an SSL certificate throughout the website, so all the date you enter is encrypted and kept safe.
We have various lines of communication to allow you to communicate and talk with us directly, without intermediaries, such as Email, Fax, instant messaging (Skype), Phone.
Never give anyone your login data and password, not even to us should we ask you for it (and we never do). Your data is safe with us; don’t ever give it to anyone as it is personal and confidential. If you give your information away, we cannot protect you as we want to and we cannot be in any way responsible.
For your and our complete safety and peace of mind, the location where we prepare and receive parcels (returns included) is subjected to a 24h video recording (in a proprietary format that cannot be tampered with).
With our Fast, Careful, and Value Insured shipping, the products are Well-Protected with bubble wrap/ Air cushions, tape and seals.
If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us via the form on the website, via Email, or through the section labelled Contact Us. Never give your personal information or login details to anyone. To Contact us, please use only the data provided in the relevant section and in the Customer Service page.