About us


Padua (Italy) – 1965

In recent years, a young man with confidence and hope in the future has started a simple business selling Watches, Jewellery and small objects, committing to build a serious and solid commercial activity that would last over time despite the economic difficulties of this age.

Soon after he meets and marries a beautiful girl with whom he will create a family-run company, growing through the years and becoming an important reference point in the area, both well-known and well-established thanks to its seriousness and reliability.

In all these years of growth the focus has always been on obtaining the right value for price ratio, investing heavily in customer services also by creating in-company Watchmaking and Jewellery/Goldsmith workshops, all well-equipped and modern, with skilled and certified artisans who provide services such as repairs of the products sold. In addition to the sales Personnel, our staff also includes Gemmologists (GIA and IGI certified), to support the purchase and sale of Jewellery.
  • In the Goldsmith/Jewellery workshop work Artisans and Goldsmiths as well as a Setter and an Engraver, offering full assistance only to their products. With both traditional and modern equipment, they provide, in addition to their decades of experience, full technical support, both modern and professional.
  • The Watchmaking workshop is run by professional and certified Watchmakers, able to work on all the related products and brands sold in the shop. It is furthermore officially recognized, certified and authorized (by some Swiss companies), to intervene on important and recognized products by Swiss brands, repairing them only with original pieces.
  • To date, Rensi gioielli, and its various collaborators, is composed of its historical headquarters located in Sarmeola di Rubano – Padua – Italy.

    A branch located in the shopping centre Airone of Monselice (PD).

    Origin of the products

    The company works with and sells products by many important Brands of Watches and Jewellery, thus boasting a range of merchandise from dozens of Brands available to its customers. You can choose from a wide range of products and prices, which makes it easy for you to find the right item to fit your needs.
    We sell only official Brands, purchased by the Brands’ parent companies, which is the only way to be sure of the lawful and genuine origin of the products and thus ensuring 100% safety to our customers.
    All products sold are Originals and of high Quality; we are the Official Dealers of all Brands available in our shop.
    Wherever you are, you can always rely on the official Customer Care offices in the World for support,  certain of the validity of the Official Manufacturer’s Warranty, which will be supplied with the product you purchase.
    We are always available to provide assistance and support both before and after the sale; you will never be alone. Contact us: Customer Service.

    A wide range of products and Warehouse Availability

    100% of the products on sale on our website is available in our warehouse, ready for delivery (except for possible software / computer errors). Once the customer places an order, we take and test the product, prepare the package and ship in average 24 to 48 working hours from the time we receive payment. You therefore need not worry because every item you purchase is available and verified.
    Should the last piece have been sold shortly before, within 24 to 48 working hours we will notify you via Email, with a total refund. The products are shipped directly from us (Rensi Gioielli s.r.l.), using safe and reliable International Couriers. The products that are not available cannot be purchased but you have the option of requesting an update on availability and you will be notified when the desired product becomes available once more.
    Contact us for any request or information, and on our products. You can also consult: Terms and Conditions.

    Safe payment process

    All payments, both electronic and not, are managed uniquely by respective authorities such as PayPal, Carta SI or other Banking institutions. In no way and in no case does our website handle or store any information or transaction regarding payment. For further information , please consult the articles on Safety and Buying Guide.

    Safety and *Free Shipping

    After the  payment has been received and confirmed, the product will be collected, verified, packaged carefully and protected with air cushions, and delivered to the courier. You will receive an Email with:
    • The package’s tracking number.
    • Email with a recap of your purchase, communication processing Order, confirming despatch with purchase document (Invoice only on request Explicit).
    All packages are prepared, closed and sealed on workstations with a 24h video recording.
    *Only for Extra EU countries/states: for an order lower than € 299.00 we ask a contribution of € 30.00 for shipping; for Higher amounts, Free Shipping is available. N.B.: Any charges or Customs fees are charged to the Recipient.
    ** All Shipments are Value Insured, to ensure your peace of mind and sense of security.

    Customer Service

    One could say many things in this section. Simply put, we can say that we have always believed it is very important to offer our customers Service and Support both during and after a sale.

    We are not perfect or infallible (we believe no one is!), but we believe and we promise to do all we can with our means and resources to offer you have an Experience of purchase that is Simple, Easy and Secure, knowing you can always Count on Us.

    Hopefully this is welcome and appreciated.