Quick and Easy – no doubt: 

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  • Navigate among the menu, use the filters in the various Categories, and find what you are looking for.
  • The price displayed includes *everything (all prices shown are inclusive of VAT) – you will not have to add a single euro for extra services!
  • **Free Shipping and Returns.
  • With the Order Summary featuring pictures and date, placing your order becomes quick and easy.
  • All Products are Originals and of High-Quality. We are Official dealers of all the Brands we sell.
  • */**: For non-EU Countries/States we require a contribution to the Shipping Fee for orders below € 299.00 .

Quick and Easy Registration (not Compulsory):

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  • Creating an Account is very easy and all you need to do is provide the information needed in the required fields to close the sale. Also, there will be special offers as well as Brands and Products available only to Registered Users.
  • You don’t have to Register on our website, but if you don’t you will not have access to your order history, full purchasing management, special offers reserved only for Registered Users, and Brands and Products reserved only for Registered Users.
  • You can fill in the Optional Fields in the form only if you like it. We need that information only to know you better and to send you targeted offers and not random proposals. Just a few Emails but interesting, as we do not want to be pushy.
  • No data stored will be shared or sold voluntarily to outside companies for advertising or other purposes. We care about you and your data. Navigation here is safe as all the website is in SSL. 



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  • We provide Customer Care and Support during and after the Sale, just like any traditional shop.
  • Thanks to our decade-long experience and our main office equipped with workshops staffed by experts, we can offer you any kind of support (with Laboratories and Technicians).


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  • The entire website is in SSL (https://...).
  • Payments handled only by PayPal or Banking Institutions (we do not store any data regarding payment).
  • Software and Hardware focusing on safety and protection.

Quick and guaranteed:

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  • Return, you have 45 days (30+15).
  • Refund in just a few hours, as soon as we receive and check the returned goods (refunds carried out on average within 24/48 working hours). We ship on average within 24/48 working hours via International Express Couriers.
  • If you purchase a product that is no longer available due to the sale flow, we will notify you and refund the full price within 24 working hours.
  • All the Products in our catalogue are High-Quality, Original Products as we are the Official Dealers of all Brands available.

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