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Shipping Times and Costs

Shipping carried out only with International Express Couriers

90% of the Products is prepared and given to the Express Courier within 24/48 working hours.

The fastest and most convenient mode of delivery is at your home or at your workplace. The courier delivery throughout Europe and the World, in a few days of work, except in the islands or places that are difficult to reach. There may be delays on delivery times due to strong weather conditions, or to events or causes outside the Courier’s control, extraordinary events, particular periods such as Christmas or the Summer Holidays, or otherwise. You can always monitor the shipping by using the Tracking Number on the Courier’s website, a link to which we provide you together with the documentation.

All our parcels are:

  • Carefully Protected with bubbles wrap or air cushions.
  • Closed with Security Custom Tape Security and / or Anti-tamper seals.
  • Insured according to the value of the product purchased.
  • Prepared and handled on workstation with a 24h Video Recording (with proprietary system that cannot be tampered with). These include our Incoming and Outbound parcels as well as those object of a Return.

Shipping Costs

The Return shipping is free of charge for the customer in all nations / states of the EU. The shipping will be Booked by us following your instructions, and the Courier will pick up the parcel on appointment.

For other destinations in the world, we follow the same rule as for the Outbound shipping: Return is Free  for products quoted at € 299.00 or higher while we request a contribution of € 30.00 for Products whose original value was below € 299.00.

  • We recommend that you keep all the original packing so you can easily and safely prepare the Return parcel should you elect not to keep the goods.

Please note that the Return parcel is not covered by our Value insurance. If you want this extra service, you will have to calculate the costs and use the service provided by the Courier. All parcels are opened in workstations with 24h video recording, for your and our safety.

** An exception might be made for certain accessories. Please check the product sheet, where details are reported, to see if special conditions apply.

Shipping times related to the various payment options

  • Bank Transfer: it can significantly lengthen the shipping time as our policy is to wait for the transfer to appear in our bank account. Only after that do we proceed to prepare and ship the product.
  • Credit cards and electronic payments: the display is almost immediate so we prepare and deliver the parcel to the Courier within 24/48 working hours..

Tips on checking and receiving the parcels

  • Use the Tracking Number to check the status of your shipment via the link to the Courier’s website (which we provide via email together with all the documentation as soon as we ship the parcel)..
  • Check that the box and/or envelope, tape and/or any other seal are whole and not altered, torn, cut, or seriously damaged.
  • Should there be visible problems, take Pictures, Sign with reserve (write: “I reserve the right to check the goods because” and state the reason), or Reject the delivery. A good solution would be to open the parcel and check the contents.
  • Report the fact to us immediately by Email, so we can assist you: [email protected]Subject: Tampered Parcel – Order n. … Date …
  • Check that the order (number of boxes and / or envelopes) corresponds to what is indicated in the transport document that you are signing.
  • Keep the Box and Packaging from our shipping as you might need it to Return the product or for any other reason you might have to ship it (Warranty, Customer Service, etc.).

We pledge our support to the

We do our best to provide you with a high-quality service.

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