Rensi gioielli s.r.l. accepts orders for delivery all over the World in the form B2C (Business to Private Customer) and B2 B (Business to Business).

As regards B2B (Business to Business), we require direct contact from the business with specific requests. These will then be processed by our staff dedicated to Companies which will create a specific Account..

Purchase Documents

For every purchase made from our website, you will receive an Order Summary Email immediately. This will be followed by another Email once the order is shipped, containing all relevant information: Tracking Number to track the shipping and a Purchase Order Summary/Payment Receipt or invoice (only available upon request at time of purchase), in PDF format.

Product Information

It is easy to purchase the products featured in the catalogue of Rensi gioielli s.r.l. We provide both pictures and technical data, and the product page has been compiled with all the data in our possession, provide by the Supply Companies. Should anything be missing, please feel free to contact us or report such lack.

The pictures show exactly the product that you are purchasing; whatever the variant chosen, the corrected image will be displayed.

Product availability is that of the number of pieces in the warehouse. The data base is updated several times a day but we cannot predict the possibility of simultaneous purchases by multiple users as we have multiple sales channels.
Therefore, once Rensi gioielli s.r.l. receives an order, it verifies availability and communicates to the client within 24 working hours the possible unavailability of the product, immediately carrying out a Refund and leaving you fully free.
No responsibility can be attributed to Rensi Gioielli s.r.l. in regards to product availability.

Order Receipt

If your purchase was successful, you will receive shortly Email with the Order Confirmation.
This email will provide you with all the general data of the Purchase you just made. Should you find any mistakes, please report it promptly to .

By placing an order on (Ecommerce website of Rensi gioielli s.r.l.), the customer declares to have read and understood all the conditions of sale, the purchase process, the payment method, and the return and refund conditions.


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