There are many watch enthusiasts out there, often surfing the web one can find pages and pages on technical details regarding movement mechanisms such as: Tourbillon, Escapement bridge, Pallet bridge, Ratchet, Plaque, etc, etc; all very beautiful and interesting but often not very useful for the most common and used watches.
In these cases we are talking about technical aspects of watches that cost even tens of thousands of Euro.
I will provide you with information to better understand the most used watches on the market, which apparently all seem alike.

how to replace your watch battery

I will make you understand how to change the battery on a Watch, in a simple and clear way, using pictures that may help you, pointing out details to watch out for and when it is better to seek help, or have a professional do it.
Sometimes it is very simple, but in other cases I’m sure you’ll think: it is quicker to ask a professional if the cost is contained.
I have included several pictures to simplify matters, of course these are instructions and suggestions that we can give you, as they are the result of great experience and providing Technical Assistance in the watchmaking industry.

how to adjust the watches

How to set watches, you might think it is hard, there are so many calibres and models that it would take a large book to describe them all! Right?
You’ll see, thanks to the explanation I will provide, you will be able to set most of the common and widespread watches; in just a few lines you will learn how easy it can be to set a watch, without having to read boring pages, something difficult to understand, from the instruction booklets supplied by the various manufacturers. For the other cases one must obligatorily, refer to the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your watch, since there are always specific Gauges and cases.