Natural diamond, Recarlo certificate - Diamond ct. 0.09

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Model: RE_F-VS-0.09
Natural diamond, Certificate IGI, GIA, AGS, HRD, Gemological Testing Centre, available in various; Weights, Colours and Clarity.
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Product description

Selected and certified natural Diamond, AGS, HRD, IGI, GIA, Recarlo (Gemmological Testing Centre), Valenza (AL), Italy.

For you we select only high quality Diamond with excellent features, the selection of diamonds go from an average Color grade D to H, with a Clarity grade from IF to SI, cutting proportions and finishes from Very Good, Excellent to Hearts and Arrows.

Select bodies/Certification Labs only among those considered more serious and reliable, at the international level among the most selective and specific, why aren't all the same.

Diamond (brilliant cut), a gift for any event: births, baptisms, birthdays, anniversaries and other occasions, a unique and precious Gem that remains over time, who will receive these Diamond will be free to be able to mount it to your taste, using it in his custom jewelry, or just keeping them as an investment.

Recarlo, important Italian jewellery Brand, recently created a new line of certified Diamonds, providing a quality product, packaged in a packaged refined and elegant, practical and complete all documentation, added value.

Recarlo for years cooperates with the Gemmological Testing Centre of Valenza (AL) - Italy, a well-known and renowned Italian laboratory of gemological analysis, recognized and renowned for its seriousness and professionalism.

This Diamond series includes a range of weights ranging from ct. 0.03 to ct. 0.20, it will be possible to choose with simple selection 3 the 3 main features: ct. , Colour, Clarity.

Following Technical tab selected Diamond will be reported all specifications scored in Gemological Certificate accompanying the gem.

Depending on the certifying body, the shape of Gemological Certificate or documentation may vary, however they always contain all the specifications of the diamonds purchased.

Gift that will be enjoyed by all, a Gem of value that will remain over time, a timeless gift.

Technical Sheet

Certification Institute:
Gemological Analysis Center (Valenza - AL)
Certificate No. lasered:
Natural Diamond
Shape and Cut:
Round brilliant
Carat (ct.):
Color grade:
Clarity grade:
Cut proportions:
Polishing proportions:
Very Good
Symmetry proportions:
Measure mm.:
Girdle thikness:
Girdle details:


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