Easy, you’ll think, let’s see together how to do it and what not to do.
We have dedicated a larger section on how to clean Jewellery, due to the various requests received.
When asked how to keep your jewellery clean and bright, I could say: go to a trusted jeweller or professional in the field, who with appropriate tools will thoroughly clean the jewel. The occasion of bringing your jewel to a professional is useful to have your jewellery checked, see if they need to be repaired or fixed, due to the years’ wear and tear, this is often inexpensive, cheaper than what you would think.

take measures to finger rings

We really believe in the system that we created: a Customer KIT + real fit stated on the website.
Many have the problem of “how to measure the finger” in a correct and easy way, so as Not to make mistakes or mistake as little as possible the Size of a Ring, Wedding Ring or Band Ring.
Indeed, it is among the most delicate and “difficult” things to do... but Not much.
The main difference is whether to choose to.

synthetic stone artificial gemstones treatments stones sophistications gems 160

The subject is vast and complex, so we will talk in general terms, focusing only on those aspects that may affect some of the most widespread Gems on the market.
The subject is discussed in specific volumes, in books with sometimes hundreds of pages for each category of Stones and Gems.
People often get confused between Artificial and Synthetic Gems, one thinks it is the same thing, instead there is a substantial difference between the 2 categories. Some people prefer to call them simply Imitations, but the term is very generic. I will briefly explain their substantial difference, to be fair.

natural diamond cut brilliant

Know them well, it is simple?

You surely know the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat), the 4 key parameters to determine the quality of a Diamond, we will definitely discuss and talk about them, mentioning them is necessary. You really think that knowing the 4Cs is enough to claim to know Diamonds ?
Many people ask us if a Diamond lasts forever, if and how can happen that it loses luster and how to keep it beautiful and shining over time.
Sometimes we are asked about the Diamond, often is taken for granted that everyone knows its nature and characteristics, but it’s not always so.

Natural stones

The World of Gems Natural is beautiful and large, find it out, nor to be entranced.